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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Configuring and running simulation : After completion of simulation : Comparing simulation results

Comparing simulation results

You can generate a comparison report (HTML or Excel) from multiple result (*.srf) files, each of which represent the result of a simulation run. You can also generate a real-time comparison report to compare the results of a simulation run with the real-time server data. You can select the type of the comparison report, similar to that for simulation report types.
Note: You need to create at least two results files, before you can generate a comparison report. You can also compare result files generated across simulation projects.
To generate a comparison report:
1. If you are in the OpenEdge BPM Run Simulation perspective, click the Progress OpenEdge BPM Simulation perspective to switch to the Progress OpenEdge BPM Simulation perspective.
2. From the Project Explorer view, select the result (*.srf) files (located in <project>\results folder), which you want to compare.
3. Right-click the selected result files, then click Simulation Report > Generate Comparison Report, opening the Simulation Reports dialog box.
4. Depending on your requirement, you can generate any of the listed report types. Click each report type to view its description in the adjoining area. Select the report type to be generated.
5. From the Output section, select the format (HTML or Excel) from the Format drop-down list. Modify (if required) the name of the generated file in the File box.
6. Click OK.
The comparison report includes a generated Result ID (Result 1, Result 2, and so on, depending on the number of result files being compared). Additional information includes the scenario used, the simulation run start (and stop) date and time, the simulation duration and total cost for each of the Result IDs.
Additionally, the comparison report includes all the main sections of the corresponding simulation report as described in Viewing simulation report details. Each of the main and sub-sections includes data for all the generated Result IDs in a tabular format.
Note: The “Violations and Recommendations” section is included only in the Violation and Recommendation comparison report.
* Generating real-time comparison report