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Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio
Defining and assigning performers : Assigning performers : Using the Tasks pane

Using the Tasks pane

You can use the Assign Participants link in the Tasks pane to define a new performer and then add the appropriate workstep (depending on the performer type) to the process template.
The new performer icons provided in BPM Designer are listed in Table 34.
Table 34. Assign Participants link in Tasks Pane
Navigation path
New User
To create a new user type performer.
Expand Users > Process.
New Adapter
To create a custom adapter performer.
Expand Adapters > Custom.
New subprocess
To create a subprocess performer.
Expand Sub-Process > External References.
New Embedded subprocess
To create an embedded subprocess (not available for web applications).
Expand Sub-Process.
You can drag any of these performers into the process template diagram to open the respective dialog boxes for a User, an Adapter or a Subprocess. After you have created the performer, a workstep is automatically inserted in the process template diagram which is performed by the performer you just created. This new performer is also added to those listed in the Tasks pane under the respective Users, Adapters , or Subprocesses folder.
1. Click the Assign Participants link in the Tasks pane to open a list of performer types.
2. Expand the folder of the Performer type you want to assign to the activity. Select a specific new performer icon and drag it on an existing activity shape or on the blank template.
Note: To assign a performer created using the User Management tool, expand Users > Organization, then drag the performer from the respective subcategory to an existing activity or on the blank template. The assigned performer is also added to the performer list in Users > Process and to the Performers tab.
Table 35 illustrates the appearance of the activity shape after a performer is assigned to it.
Table 35. Activity Shape with assigned performer
Activity Shape Appearance
Performer Type
For a individual performer or group member (with Any option selected).
For a group member (with All members option selected).
For a custom adapter.
For a managed adapters. The shape varies according to the managed adapter used.
For a subprocess performer.