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Server Administrator's Guide
Setting Password Security and Encryption : Password security default implementation : Change at first login : Password expiry notification
Password expiry notification
If you have enabled the default password policy implementation, then the parameter, in bpmportal.conf specifies the period in days before password expiration. The default value is 3. Table 5 describes the various properties of Password Expiry Notification.
Table 5. Password expiry notification
Default value
Flag to enable change password during the first login.
Duration in days for which the password is valid. The value should be between 1 and 365. If set to -1, then password never expires.
30 (days)
Number of days before password expiry for notification. The value should be between 1 and 30, if set to -1 then the notification is disabled.
3 (days)
Note: There is no default implementation for the password rules.