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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Managing Profile and Favorites : Viewing user profile : User profile

User profile

The Profile page displays your user name, organization, tenancy, and skills in read-only mode and other details in editable mode. In this page, you can update the following details:
*First Name
*Last Name
*Current Password — Type your current password in the box provided. To change your password, see Changing user password.
*Language — Business Process Portal supports English (United States), French, and Japanese language.
*ZIP Code
*Time Zone
*Organization — This is the name of your organization as specified by the Administrator.
*Tenancy — This is the duration and/or nature of your hiring contract with the organization. For example, Permanent, On Contract.
*Skills — This is skill you posses as specified by the Administrator.
*Default Filter — The filter selected is applied to the Task List page by default. You can select from the list of Global Filters or from My Filter, the list of filters you created from the Preferences > Filters menu. Application-specific filters are listed as options in this drop-down list, only when you select the corresponding application in the Application list.
*Start Page — You can select a page to be displayed when you login, from the drop-down list.
Note: If you set BPM Webflow application as the start page, then ensure that, in the BPM Webflow application workstep, a link is provided to navigate back to portal. Otherwise, you cannot navigate to portal again.
*Hide Default Columns — Select the default column(s) that you want to hide from the view to reduce clutter.
The columns you have selected for hiding are hidden from the respective pages. For example, if you select Chart/Audit History column, then it is hidden from My Instances page. If you select Application column, then it is hidden from My Tasks page, My Collaboration page and My Instances page.
*Application — Select an application as your default application from the drop-down list. In all pages containing Application drop-down list, this application is displayed as your default application.
*Messenger Type and ID — Select the instant messaging software from the drop-down list provided, and then type your corresponding ID.