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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Managing Profile and Favorites : Viewing user profile : Changing user password

Changing user password

Business Process Portal allows you to change your login password from the Profile page. Once you change your password successfully, you must use the updated password, the next time you log into Business Process Portal.
To change your password:
1. From the Profile page, click the Change Password link.
2. Type your current login password in the Current Password box.
3. Type your updated login password in the Type New Password and Confirm New Password boxes.
Note: Be aware that the password is case sensitive in all realms. For more information, refer to the "Case Sensitivity for User Management" section of the Business Process Portal Administrator’s Guide.
4. Click Submit to save your updated password.
An appropriate message is displayed, indicating whether the password was updated or not.
Click Reset to discard your changes. Click Cancel to cancel your operation and close the current window.