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Business Process Portal User's Guide
Setting Preferences : Editing your calendar

Editing your calendar

You can edit your selected calendar from the Calendar View page or from the Calendar Details page. Depending on the operation to be performed (as described in the following table), you can open either the Calendar View page or Calendar Details page. Refer Table 20.
Table 20. Editing Operations in Calendar
From Calendar View page
From Calendar Details page
*Mark a working day as holiday.
*Mark a holiday as a working day.
*Modify the calendar description, time zone, year range, business hours, and mid-day break time.
*Add or delete working time differing from the regular business hours.
*Add or delete non-working time such as holidays and weekends.
Note: The first time you edit your business calendar, a copy of the calendar is created and subsequently used for computing due dates for tasks assigned to you. However, this copy is not added to the calendar list.
Any changes made in this copy are not reflected to other users using the same calendar.
* From the Calendar View page
* From the Calendar Details page