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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Using the Instance Manager : Launching the Instance Manager : Updating Instances Using Reports

Updating Instances Using Reports

To perform a bulk update of user defined dataslots that are in an existing report (i.e., a report that you have previously defined):
1. In the Management module, click Instance Manager > Instances, to view the Search Instances page.
2. Select an application from the Application drop-down list at the top of the Search Instances page. To further define your search on a specific report, select the Reports option, and click Go.
Business Process Portal displays a list of ‘Application’ reports for the selected application.
Note: Dataslots of type Object, Map, and List are not displayed.
3. Select a report, and click Search to open the Instance List page.
Note: Search does not list the reports designed in the Jasper Report, Multiapplication Report, External Report and Infopad Report Designer.
4. Follow procedures similar to those described in steps 6 - 8 in Updating Process Instances.