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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Creating and executing reports in Business Process Portal : Understanding reports

Understanding reports

You can create and execute single application (Query) reports, multi-application reports, and external reports using the Report Builder. In the Business Process Portal, select the Management module and then click Reports > My Reports to view the Report List page.
This page presents the three possible scenarios explained in the following table:
Table 12. Reports display scenarios
If there are . . .
You will see . . .
No Business Process Server applications specified to be monitored by the user.
No Records Found.
No existing or predefined reports available.
No Records Found.
Existing, predefined reports for selected Business Process Server applications, multiple Business Process Server applications, or externally defined reports.
The following information:
*The type of report
*The application name for which the reports are defined
*The name of each report
*The description of each report
*The format of the report
*The number of reports, displayed as Total: x
Note: No support of localization for database columns.
The Report List page enables you to define your own business reports. Use this page to:
*Create reports for a single application, multiple applications, external report servers, and infopads.
*Define parameters for reports.
*Test a new query.
*Execute existing reports.
*Modify existing reports.
*Remove existing reports.
If you have defined any reports in the selected application, you can select one of the listed reports and click View to execute the report and view each report instance, listed under the report’s defined attributes (for more information, see Running an existing report). To create a report, use the Add Report button at the top of the page.
* Report types