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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Creating and executing reports in Business Process Portal : Working with existing reports : Running an existing report

Running an existing report

You can search for, select, and execute an existing report from a list of reports displayed in the Report List page.
To execute an existing report:
1. In the Business Process Portal, select the Management module and then click Reports > My Reports.
The Report List page appears.
2. From the Reports drop-down list in the My Reports section, choose the type of report that corresponds to the existing report you want to execute and then click Search.
You can choose between All Reports (lists all available applications), Multiapplication Reports (draws data from more than one application), External Reports (integrates with an external report server), or select an application to view Query Reports or Infopad Reports for that single application.
3. Select a report from the list and choose the format in which the report is to be presented from the View Format drop-down list.
Business Process Portal does not display the View Format drop-down list for an Infopad Report. For all reports except Infopad reports, the View Format drop-down list contains HTML, PDF, and RTF option, where as, for Jasper Reports, in addition to these, it also contains CSV, XLS, and XML options.
4. Click View.
The View Report page appears and displays the report details. Each process instance within the report is listed as a row in the table, and the columns represent attributes you selected when creating the report.
You can use various options, controls, and links available on the View Report page to see more details.