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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Getting started : Exploring Business Process Portal : Grid Search

Grid Search

The Grid Search Text toolbar will allow you to search and highlight the given text in the current page of the gird. And this is enabled for all portal grids.
*The grid searching is done locally and there will not be any remote call for it.
*The ‘Grid Search Text’ toolbar is available next to the paging toolbar of the gird by default.
*The ‘Grid Search Text’ toolbar will be refreshed on the following actions.
*Reloading or refreshing the page.
*While paging the grid.
Grid Toolbar Fields
*Text box — Allows you to enter the search text in this field. The search functionality is executed on every change of this text box, so that it is not required to click search for start the searching process. All the occurrences of the given text are highlighted and the row containing the first occurrence is selected by default. A clear button is displayed beside the text box which enables you to clear the text box. By default, this text box supports regular expressions. Therefore, if your search conforms with the regular expression syntax, then Business Process Portal considers it as a regular expression, and searches accordingly.
*Previous Row and Next Row Buttons — Helps you to navigate and select one of rows which is highlighted. These buttons are enabled only when given text is found in the grid, otherwise they are disabled. Tool tips are configured to indicate the use case of these buttons.
*Match Case check box — Enables case-sensitive search. By default, this check box is unchecked.
*Status Bar — Displays the number of occurrences or matches found. The icons status OK and error status indicate the status of the search.