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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Getting started

Getting started

Business Process Server provides primary Web-based user interface in the form of Business Process Portal. It is a complete portal through which you can interact with Business Process Server applications.
When you log into Business Process Portal, it displays the Home module tab for all users, irrespective of your user type and your user permissions. As an application user, you can display and modify tasks assigned to you, and manage your preferences. Depending on your user type and permissions, you can view and access other module tabs namely, Management and Administration.
If you have Manager rights, then the Management module is also available to you, where you can query, report, and control processes and resources for users.
If you also have administrative rights, in the Administration module, then you can modify configuration parameters controlling Business Process Server operations, manage components, and install/uninstall applications.
Note: Though all modules are shown to you in the figures in this guide, you can view and access only those modules for which you have access rights.
Table 3. Business Process Portal modules
Module name
As an application User, view you tasks and instance.
As a Manager, control your processes and resources
As an Administrator, configure and manage components and users.
This chapter describes how to log into and out of Business Process Portal, the screen layout, and how to explore the Home module’s interface. As the interface is uniform for all modules, this information is helpful for other modules also.
* Logging in to Business Process Portal
* Enabling multi-tab support
* Using themes
* Exploring Business Process Portal
* Getting support
* Accessing help
* Finding Business Process Server details
* Logging out of Business Process Portal