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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Using the Balanced Scorecard : Using the Balanced Scorecard : Editing Balanced Scorecard Perspectives

Editing Balanced Scorecard Perspectives

Business Process Server provides a management application interface in which the user can edit the Relative Weights for a specific KPI, as well as modify other values and enter a description of each KPI in the selected perspective.
For example, you can emphasize the importance of Profit Margin KPI in the Finance Perspective by increasing the original value of 0.2 (20%) to a value of 0.70 (70%) in the Weight column. Changing the relative weight of the Profit Margin KPI changes the score for the Finance Perspective, as well as the total Balanced Score.
Note: The sum of the numbers in the Edit (Perspective) Relative Weights dialog window must not exceed 1.0.
To edit a Balanced Scorecard value:
1. Click the Edit icon ( displayed to the right of each Perspective to open the Perspective Details page.
2. Modify the data in any of the boxes.
3. Click Save to submit and save your changes.
A confirmation message appears, indicating the editing of the perspective values was successful.
4. Click OK to return to the Balanced Scorecard page.
Click Reset to delete your changes and display the original settings.
Click Cancel to delete your changes and return to the Balanced Scorecard page.