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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Predefined Reports : Creating Time Analysis Reports

Creating Time Analysis Reports

To create a time analysis report that shows the completion time for all instances of all applications:
1. In the Management module, click Reports > Time Analysis to view the Time Analysis page.
2. Select:
*Instance from the Analysis for drop-down list.
*All from the Applications list.
*Completion Time from the Analysis Time list.
3. Specify the name of the creator in the Creator text box. Alternatively, click the Search User icon, and then select the creator from the displayed window.
4. Select a predefined interval from the Date drop-down list (for example, All, Today, This Week, Last Month, etc.) or enter Start and End dates in the From and To boxes, respectively. Click the Select Date icon () to facilitate entering a date.
5. Click Go, and the report appears in the workspace.
6. Select the preferred format from the Report Format drop-down list and click View to view the report in a specific format.
7. Click Email... to open the Email Report dialog box.
8. Enter information in the relevant boxes and select a format from the Report Format drop-down list.
9. Click Submit to email the report.
To reset the form and remove the information you just entered, click Reset. To cancel the action and exit the current dialog box, click Close.
* Creating Elasped time report