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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Creating and deploying reports using JasperReport

Creating and deploying reports using JasperReport

This chapter describes how Managers can use JasperReports to create new reports or use existing reports to further manage and review Business Process Server applications.
You can use the extensive reporting capabilities of JasperReports — an open source Java reporting tool — to create and execute reports that meet your specific requirements. You may use any JasperReports Designer to create your reports. However, ensure that it is saved as a "jrxml" file. You can deploy your JasperReports as a common report or specific application report.
Important: While creating reports using iReport tool, it is recommended to set the Language option to Java from the Properties dialog. The default option for Language is Groovy in iReport, Business Process Server does not support Groovy runtime.
* Deploying as a Common Report
* Deploying as an Application Report
* Using a Database other than Business Process Server Connection Pool
* Adding JAR files to Jasper compiler class path
* Setting up Jasper Assistant plugin in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge