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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Creating and deploying reports using JasperReport : Adding JAR files to Jasper compiler class path

Adding JAR files to Jasper compiler class path

To add your custom classes to Jasper compiler class path, follow these steps:
1. Open the bpmportal.conf file from the %OEBPS_HOME%\server\conf directory.
2. Add your JAR file separated with "|" token to the bpmportal.jasper.compiler.classpath attribute, and save the file.
A sample of this file is shown below:
#<param name="bpmportal.jasper.compiler.classpath">
#    <alias>Jasper Compiler Classpath</alias>
#    <visible>true</visible>
#    <description>This classpth is used to set jasper compiler for reports.</description>
#    <legalvalues>Should contain bpmportal.jar, jasperreports.jar, servlet.jar, commons-digester.jar
# and %APPSERVER%/sbm.war/WEB-INF/classes in classpath format.</legalvalues>
#    <group>CONFINFO</group>