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Business Process Portal Manager's Guide
Using the Balanced Scorecard : Using the Balanced Scorecard : Combining Business Process Server and Balanced Scorecard

Combining Business Process Server and Balanced Scorecard

The Management module of Business Process Portal provides business process management at the business unit or department level, and the Balanced Scorecard is also typically management focused, even though you can drill down through the organization. The combination of Business Process Server and Balanced Scorecard provides a unique business approach that enables you to compare Business Process Server’s business process intelligence against the measurement of corporate strategy achievement supplied by Balanced Scorecard.
Business Process Server’s Management module enables its users to perform such Balanced Scorecard management processes as:
*Establishing performance targets, either by using the predefined KPIs discussed above or by using the Balanced Scorecard Designer to create customized KPIs that more accurately reflect your organization’s requirements.
*Integrating with external systems to collect relevant data, and effectively monitoring business processes through standard or customized KPIs.
*Measure the contribution business processes are making in achieving business objectives and strategic goals.
Each of the Balanced Scorecard Perspectives are derived from key performance indicators (KPIs). Each of these KPIs can be assigned a weight that indicates its comparative significance. In the Balance Scorecard console view, each KPI value is displayed as a dial. This dial displays the target score along with the actual score for each KPI. The target score divides the circumference of the dial into two parts; the first part, that is, the arc from 0.0 to target score is shown in red, whereas the second part, that is, the arc from target score to 10.0 is shown in green. The needle of the dial indicates rounded-off actual score. Optionally, the fields below the dial show the exact actual value and/or target score. This dial gives a visual indicator of achievements and help managers to track the progress.