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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Using the Log Viewer : Viewing log files

Viewing log files

With the Log Viewer, you can see the priority set for the log levels of each component. You set the priority of each log level in the Log Configuration page in the System menu in the Administration module. Business Process Server stores the priorities for the log levels in oebpslog.conf, located in the OEBPS_HOME\conf directory. For more information, see Using the log configuration interface.
To access and view log files in the Log Viewer:
1. In the Administration module, click System > Log Viewer.
The Log Viewer page appears with the log messages.
2. To view log files for a specific component, select an option from the Log file to view list.
To specify the number of lines that each page should contain, enter a number in the Number of Lines box. Business Process Portal remembers this value till you change it.
3. Click Go.
The log viewer presents the requested log files.