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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Working with business calendars : Displaying calendar view : Managing holidays : Unmarking a holiday
Unmarking a holiday
You can delete a holiday and mark it as a normal business day using the Calendar View page.
To unmark a holiday:
1. In the Calendar View page, use the Calendar, and then Month and Year drop-down lists to load the month that contains the holiday to be deleted.
Optionally, you can click the date link of the holiday in the table listing holidays of the year.
2. Click the date of the holiday that you want to delete.
The Holiday Details window appears with the Date and Name of the holiday in read-only mode.
3. Click Unmark Holiday to delete the holiday and go back to the previous page.
Optionally, you can click Cancel to cancel the action and exit the current window.
The deleted holiday is removed from the adjacent table of the list of holidays.