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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing access control : Accessing access control parameters : Listing all permissions : Permissions List page
Permissions List page
The Permissions List page displays information about the existing set of permissions for various components. By default, it displays all permissions and the following information about each permission:
Table 53. My application list information
The name of the component for which the permission is applicable.
Permission Name
The name of the permission.
The description of the permission.
Resource Type
The type of resource for which the permission is applicable.
Resource Name
The name of the resource.
The action performed on the resource; for example, View, Execute.
To manage the contents of the list, you can sort them. You can use the Component drop-down list to list the permissions for a particular component or for all components. To navigate through the pages, you can use the paging controls. For more details about these operations, see Exploring Business Process Portal.
From the Permissions List page, you can:
*Create a permission.
*Delete one or more permissions.
These operations are explained further in this chapter in the following sections.