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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing access control

Managing access control

The introduction of Access Control Management (ACLManager) enables you as administrator to personalize Business Process Portals, with authorization to specified portals and features limited to the appropriate user. The Access Control Management feature also allows administrators to:
*Add and/or remove privileges, thereby limiting a user’s access to some features of a portal. For example, you may give a person access to the user management features of the Administration module, but not the ability to restart the servers or install applications.
*Develop a custom portal that collects features from the various "out-of-the-box" Business Process Portals. For example, allowing a user to install or uninstall certain applications.
ACLManager is used by the portals and the server API to limit access to Business Process Server resources. This chapter explains how to apply the ACLManager permissions to users and groups, and their resources.
* Butterfly model of security
* Accessing access control parameters
* Working with permissions