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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Working with business calendars : Displaying calendar view : Managing holidays : Marking a holiday
Marking a holiday
You can define a holiday using the Calendar View page.
To mark a day as a holiday:
1. In the Calendar View page, use the Calendar, and then Month and Year drop-down lists to load the month in which you want to mark the holiday.
2. Click the date that you want to mark as a holiday.
The Mark Holiday window appears.
3. Specify the Name for the holiday.
4. Choose the Type as a full day holiday or first or second half of the day as a holiday.
5. Click Save to mark the holiday and go back to the previous page.
Optionally, you can click:
*Reset to reset the form and remove the information you just entered.
*Cancel to cancel the action and exit the current window.
The new holiday is added in the adjacent table of the list of holidays.