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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Introducing the Administration module : Exploring the Administration module interface

Exploring the Administration module interface

The basic elements of the interface for the Administration module are same as that of the Home module. The basic operations you must perform while using the Administration module are also the same as those performed while using the Home module. This information is covered in Getting started and Basic Operations.
Note: The tabs, menus and corresponding submenus you see in Business Process Portal Navigation bar depends on the permissions granted with the ACLManager feature. See Managing access control for more information.

Module tabs

You may see one or more of the following module tabs, depending on your access control permissions:
The Administration module contains the following menus:
*System — Enables you to startup, shutdown, and reconfigure the Business Process Server servers and modules.
*User Management — Enables you to manage Business Process Server users, groups, queues, and permissions.
*Applications — Enables you to manage BP Server and BPM Webflow applications, and Web services.
Each module tab contains several module menus. Click each module menu to view its submenu options. You may access the resources listed in each submenu.