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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing groups : Managing group accounts : Creating groups

Creating groups

To create a new Business Process Server group, complete the following steps:
Note: You cannot create a group in an LDAPRealm.
1. In the Group List page, click Create Group.
The Create Group page is displayed enabling you to enter the new group information.
2. In the Group Details section, enter the relevant data as necessary.
For more information about the Organization and Tenancy fields, refer to the "Chapter 12, Managing Profile and Favorites" in the Business Process Portal User’s Guide. Note that Group Name and Default Calendar are the required fields.
Note: The group name must contain only alphanumeric characters and underscore (_), and it must start with an alphabet.
If you do not assign any business calendar to the group, then the default calendar is used for the due date calculations.
a. From the Assigned column in the Dashboard table, select the dashboards to be assigned to the group. This list contains the published dashboards.
The assigned dashboards will appear in the Dashboard List of this members of this group.
b. From the Default Selection column in the Dashboard table, select the dashboard to be assigned to the current group as the default dashboard.
Alternatively, you can also assign a dashboard to a group from the Dashboard Details page. For more information, see Defining a new dashboard.
If you do not assign any dashboard to the group, then the default dashboard specified by the Business Process Server administrator is used.
3. At this time, you can also assign permissions and configure portal resources for the group.
For more information, see Managing group permissions .
4. Click the Business Process Portal Server tab and select or clear the checkboxes to grant or revoke permission to access the module menus.
5. Click Save to create the new Business Process Server group and go back to the previous page.
Click Save & Create New to save the current group and reload the current page to continue adding another group.
To reset the form and remove the information you just entered, click Reset. To cancel the action and exit the current page, click Cancel.