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Business Process Portal Administrator's Guide
Managing groups : Managing group accounts : Managing group permissions

Managing group permissions

As an administrator, you can grant or revoke group permissions for specific Business Process Server components and resources and/or module menus in Business Process Portal.
To manage permissions for a group:
1. In the Group List page, click the group name hyper link in the Group Name column, whose permissions you want to update. The Group Details page is displayed.
2. Click Permissions to go to the Permissions section.
3. Select a Component for which you want to update permissions from the list. Select All to apply these permissions to all components.
4. Select or clear the check box to grant or revoke permission to resources that include BP Server, BPM Events, Administration or Management. Select the checkbox in the heading to apply all the listed permissions to the group.
5. Click Business Process Portal Configuration to go to the Business Process Portal Configuration section.
6. Select or clear the checkbox to grant or revoke permission to access the module menus.
7. Click Save to save the changes and go back to the previous page.
Click Delete to delete the current group.
To reset the form and remove the information you just entered, click Reset. To cancel the action and exit the current page, click Cancel.