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Defining workstep presentation format : Defining workstep presentation : Defining Flow presentations : Using a Flow presentation
Using a Flow presentation
You can define an Activity workstep (in a Process Model) with Flow presentation type to start a Web application. As this workstep runs in a Web browser, the Web application it calls must be published and installed.
To define and use a Flow presentation for a workstep:
1. From the General tab of the workstep’s Properties view, click the ellipsis button beside the Presentation box to open the Presentation dialog box.
2. Select the Flow option from the Type drop-down list.
3. You can modify the name of the default Flow interface in the Name box. The default name is the name of the current workstep followed by the *.BIZSOLO extension.
The .BIZSOLO extension indicates to the servlet that it should invoke the appropriate methods of the BPM Workflow server to get the URL for the BPM Workflow server and redirect the Web application to that page. The BPM Workflow server implements a dispatcher that takes as input the Web application name and produces the URL of the Start workstep of the Web application.
4. Alternatively, you can associate a dataslot with the Flow workstep. Click the ellipsis button beside the Name box, then select the Use a dataslot option to select the dataslot from the Use a Dataslot dialog box. Click OK to add the dataslot.
5. Click OK to define the Flow presentation format for this workstep.
After defining the presentation format of the workstep as Flow, you can now create the Web application.
6. Right-click the workstep with the Flow presentation, then click Open to launch the Open to WebApp dialog box.
7. Select either an existing web application (in Existing folder) or Web Application Project .
8. Click OK. If you select an existing web application (in Existing folder) , the process template of this web application is displayed. Alternatively, if you select Web Application Project , the New Web application wizard is launched, using which you create a Web application.
Note: You can also check in the Flow presentation associated with a workstep to the Process repository, as described in Saving a process to the the process repository topic. After refreshing the Repository Browser, the process created from a Flow presentation is seen in the list of models under the Models tab.