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Defining workstep presentation format : Defining workstep presentation : Defining Flow presentations

Defining Flow presentations

You can use the Flow presentation (available only for Process Models) to execute a Web application without opening it from Business Process Portal. You need to only click on a link provided in the interface to launch a Web browser with this format. Business Process Modeler provides two Flow options in the Presentation dialog box:
*Flow starts a Web application from a workstep in the Process Model by redirecting the Web application to the BPM Workflow server (see Using a Flow presentation).
*Flow (private) creates a workstep that is restricted to the current process template and is not redirected to the BPM Workflow server. You must copy the files in the Web application to the webapp folder in Business Process Modeler. For more information, see Using a Flow (private) presentation.
* Using a Flow presentation
* Using a Flow (private) presentation