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Using dataslots : Supported dataslot types

Supported dataslot types

Table 26 lists the supported ABL dataslot types for both Process Model projects and Web applications.
For more information on ABL datatypes and their default values, see the OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference guide.
Table 26. ABL Dataslot Types Supported by Business Process Modeler
Dataslot Type
A dataslot containing a text string. CHARACTER is the most common type of dataslot, and is selected by default. CHARACTER dataslot supports three display formats, namely Text field (default), Text area, and Combo box.
A dataslot containing 32-bit data (whole numbers).
A dataslot containing 64-bit data (whole numbers).
A dataslot containing logical data that is evaluated as TRUE or FALSE.
A dataslot containing decimal numbers up to 50 digits in length, including up to 10 digits to the right of the decimal point.
A dataslot containing dates. DATETIMETZ datatype has three parts: date, time, and an integer representing the time zone offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The unit of time is milliseconds from midnight. The unit of time zone offset is minutes.
Supports the following DATETIME-TZ formats in OpenEdge:
*yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS(+/-)zz:zz or yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS(+/-)zz:zz
*yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS or yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS
*yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss or yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
For example, 1995-01-17T12:12:12.234+05:30 or 1995-01-17 12:12:12.234+05:30.
A dataslot containing a handle which is a pointer to an ABL handle-based object. This can be a static object defined during compilation or a dynamic object defined at runtime.
A dataslot containing a unique internal identifier for a row within a single database storage area.
A dataslot containing a sequence of bytes in memory.You can use this dataslot type to manipulate the contents of a BLOB database or temp-table field in ABL language.
A dataslot containing any data, including data from databases other than OpenEdge.
A dataslot containing the values of ABL ProDataset. This dataslot can be mapped to a DataSet or DataSet-Handle in ABL.
A dataslot containing the values of ABL temp-table. This dataslot can be mapped to a Table or Table-Handle in ABL.
Treats a collection of related data items as a single entity. For example, a List dataslot can be used to hold choices for CHARACTER dataslots where the choices are dynamically determined by querying a database.
A dataslot which enables you to select from a list of choices that can change dynamically. It also stores the choices that are made and these choices can be viewed and used in other worksteps.
A dataslot containing a numeric value. The Number dataslot contains Double as a subtype. The numeric value is displayed as a decimal; for example, 2.2.
A dataslot containing a serializable Java object. Typical Object dataslot types include Vector and Array which are passed as input or output dataslots to Adapters.
Business Object
A dataslot which encapsulates all the data and behavior associated with an entity of a business process. This dataslot type can retrieve data from internal and external database sources.
For more information on ABL datatypes, see the Openedge Development: ABL Reference guide.