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User's Guide
Using dataslots : Reviewing the Dataslots tab

Reviewing the Dataslots tab

You can review existing dataslots in a process and define new dataslots in the Dataslots tab of the Business Process Modeler interface. If you are adding a new process template for a process model, then only predefined system dataslots are listed.
If you are modifying an existing process template, then predefined dataslots as well as dataslots that you have created for this process template are listed.
Note: Web applications do not include any predefined system dataslots.
Click the Dataslots tab for a new BPM process, to view the All Dataslots section, which contains all the dataslots available to the process template.
You can perform the following operations in the Dataslots tab:
Table 25. Dataslots tab operations
Create a user-defined dataslot
Remove a dataslot
Select the dataslot to be removed, then click Remove. You cannot remove any of the system dataslots. You cannot remove any user-defined dataslot assigned to a workstep.
Modify existing dataslots
Select the dataslot to be modified, then modify its properties in the respective sections of the Dataslots tab. You cannot modify the properties of any system dataslot.
Import or export dataslots
Filter the dataslot list
Enter text in the type filter text box to filter the dataslot list and display all dataslots whose names contain the matching letters.
Group the dataslot list by type (or by tag)
By default, all dataslots are grouped under dataslot type category, as discussed in Supported dataslot types. To group the dataslot list by tag namely, System (for system dataslots) or User (for user-defined dataslots), click the Group by Tags () icon in the All Dataslots section. To group the dataslot list by type, click the Group by Type () icon in the All Dataslots section.
Collapse the dataslot list
Click the Collapse All () icon.