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User's Guide
Performing additional Business Process Modeler operations : Printing the process template

Printing the process template

You can generate a print preview of a process template diagram before printing it.
To generate the print preview:
1. Open the process template to be printed.
2. From the Modeler palette (see Business Process Modeler palette), click the Print Preview () icon to view the process diagram in the Print Preview mode.
In the Print Preview mode, the Tasks pane displays the print-related functions and other options.
3. To reduce or enlarge the image scale for printing, increase (or decrease) the scaling percentage in the Scaling factor box in the Options panel.
Alternatively, select the Fit to width/height option in the Scale Mode drop-down list, then enter the width and height in pages in the respective boxes to set the image scale to fit to the specified pages.
4. Define the page setup for printing by clicking Page setup link from the Print Preview Tasks panel to open the Page Setup dialog box.
The dialog box that appears depends on the type of printer you are using. Select the size of the printed document—Letter (8.5 x 11 inches), Legal (8.5 x 14 inches), 11 x 17 inches—, its source, and specify Portrait or Landscape orientation. Use the fields in the Margins panel to adjust the page’s margins.
5. Click the Print this diagram link to print the displayed process template.
The Print dialog box opens, in which you can select a number of printing options, including number of copies and page range. The dialog box, which appears depends on the type of printer you are using. If you are using Windows, then click Properties to define additional print properties.
6. To exit the Print Preview mode, click the Exit print preview link.