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User's Guide
Getting started with Business Process Modeler : Exploring Business Process Modeler : Business Process Modeler palette

Business Process Modeler palette

The Business Process Modeler palette contains the following icons.
*Select shapes () (or Select) icon: Use this icon to select an Activity or other shape in the process template diagram to perform operations including copying, moving, and resizing shapes.
*Pan the diagram () (or Panning) icon: Use this icon to move a portion of the diagram into the viewing area. Once you select the Panning icon, the cursor in the Content pane is displayed as a “hand”. The Panning mode is persistent until you select another mode.
*Show Gestures () icon: Use this icon to display the list of mouse gestures, that you can use to quickly add shapes, layouts, and perform common process-related actions. For more information, see Using mouse gestures.
*Color () icon: Use this icon to apply color to a selected shape, swim lane, or note. Click the icon to display a color palette, from where you can select one of the listed colors, or click More to display more color options.
*Zoom In () / Zoom Out () icons: Use these icons to zoom in or zoom out the view of the current process template in the Content pane. You can select a pre-defined magnification level (200%, 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25%) from the combo box.
*In the case of Process Model templates only, the drop-down list displays the current process. This is useful in the case of inline subprocesses (see Defining an inline subprocess). Click the One Level Up () icon or select the parent process or higher subprocess from the adjacent drop-down list.
*Check Diagram () icon allows you to verify if the process template diagram is correct.
*Show 360 o View () icon allows you to generate the 360o view of the current process template. For more information, see Generating 360 degree view.
*Print Preview () icon allows you to preview the current process template before printing it. For more information, see Printing the process template.
*Export () icon allows you export the current process template as a Web page (HTML), an SVG, or a JPEG file. For more information, see Exporting the process template.