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User's Guide
Working with User Management tool : Managing nodes : Managing users

Managing users

You can add (and manage) individual users from the User list.
1. Click Users node in the left pane, displaying the user list in the right pane.
The user name and the real name is displayed by default. To hide (or show) either of the columns, right-click any column header and mark (or unmark) the appropriate options.
2. To create a user, click New to open the user details screen, where you can enter the following user details.
Table 57 describes each user information field.
Table 57. User information
(Required) Enter the system name of the user. The username appears as the performer in your process template. You can also search for a user by entering the username in Search box in the User List screen.
Real Name
Enter the full name of the user (example, David Brown). This name appears in the Organization Chart Viewer for this user. To display the user in the Chart Viewer, you need to add the user to a group.
Enter the designation (or title) of the user in the organization. If specified, then the title also appears along with the real name in the Organization Chart Viewer.
Enter a valid email address of this user.
Enter the telephone number of this user.
Click the ellipsis button beside the Calendar box to specify a calendar (if defined). This action includes the business calendar restrictions for this user.
3. After entering the user information, click OK to add the user to the user list. The user is also added as a member to the Users node in the left pane.
To remove a user (or multiple users) from the user list, select the users and click Remove. The User Management tool prompts you for confirmation. Click Yes to remove the selected users. To modify user details, select the user and click Modify to open the user details screen, where you can modify the user information.