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User's Guide
Performing additional Business Process Modeler operations : Exporting the process template : Generating a process summary

Generating a process summary

Business Process Modeler enables you to generate a Process Summary in PDF and MS Excel format, which presents a summary of the worksteps and other process features for the selected process template.
To generate a Process Summary document:
1. Open the process template for which you want a process summary.
2. From the Modeler palette (see Business Process Modeler palette), click the Export () icon.
3. From the Export Tasks panel, click Save as Process Summary to open the Document Generation dialog box.
4. Select the Optional Sections, which you want to retain in your process summary.
5. From the Output drop-down list, select the format in which you want to generate the process summary output. The available formats are PDF and Excel.
6. Click Generate to generate the Process Summary.
Note: Process Summary files are saved directly under the application folder; for instance, if you generate a PDF summary for the Assignment application, the PDF file and the process diagram file are stored under Workspace_Home\Assignment\summary.pdf and Workspace_Home\Assignment\report.jpg respectively.
* Viewing process summary