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User's Guide
Performing additional Business Process Modeler operations : Managing phases : Creating a phase

Creating a phase

You can create a new phase for a Process Model project in the Diagram tab.
To create a phase:
1. Open the Process Model project (SPT) in the Diagram tab.
2. From the Tasks pane (Business Process Modeler Tasks pane), click the Create Phases and Swim Lanes link in the Design Tasks panel, and then click the Phase icon () to open the Phase Properties dialog box.
Note: You can also use the ‘P’ gesture to add a phase. For details, see Using mouse gestures.
3. Enter the ID and Name of the new phase in the respective boxes.
4. Click OK to add a new phase to the process template diagram. Move all the worksteps that belong to this phase into the added phase, as seen in the Figure 3.
Note: You cannot move a phase.
Figure 3. Business Process Modeler interface with added phases