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Managed Adapters Guide
Database Managed Adapter : Working with DataDirect Cloud drivers in the Database Adapter

Working with DataDirect Cloud drivers in the Database Adapter

The Database Adapter extends support to the DataDirect Cloud drivers. You can make use of the Database Adapter to access and use data from the several Progress DataDirect data sources in your business application.
To use DataDirect Cloud drivers in the Database Adapter of your Business process:
1. Set up the data sources in Progress DataDirect.
For more information about setting up data sources, see the Progress DataDirect documentation.
2. Create a new or open an existing Business process file (SPT) with a Database Adapter that must be set up to use data from data sources in Progress DataDirect.
3. Configure the database adapter to specify DataDirect Cloud as your choice of database type and to enter the DataDirect Cloud connection details, and then to enter all the other configuration details in the DBAdapter Configurator dialog box.
4. Build the process to create artifacts associated with the Business Web flow after configuring the Database adapter and other work steps of your Business Web flow.
After successfully building your Business Web flow, you must update the database properties and server files before you can deploy the application. For more information on updating the properties and the server files, see the Updating Database properties and server files.
Note: For the latest Data Direct Cloud drivers, login to and download the DataDirect Cloud drivers from the downloads page. After installing the latest DataDirect Cloud drivers, use the "ddcloud.jar" from "${INSTALL_LOCATION}/lib" to replace the "ddcloud.jar" in the following locations:
After replacing the "ddcloud.jar", restart the Process Modeler and the BP Server.