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Managed Adapters Guide
Database Managed Adapter

Database Managed Adapter

The Database Adapter is one of the Managed Adapters conforming to the Adapter Configuration and Mapping Framework. For more information on this framework, refer to Understanding the Managed Adapter framework.
The Database Adapter provides:
*A Configuration GUI to specify database connections, SQL statements, variables, and parameters.
*A stand-alone mapping tool, as well as one embedded within Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge to define mapping between dataslots and database values.
*The Database Adapter class, which connects to the specified databases, executes the specified SQL statements, and calls the Run-time Mapper to map dataslots and database values.
The Database Adapter supports the following databases:
*DataDirect Cloud
*Microsoft SQL Server
The Database Adapter helps application developers to quickly develop applications that access databases without additional programming efforts.
* Database Adapter features
* Database Adapter components
* Working with the Database Adapter
* Working with DataDirect Cloud drivers in the Database Adapter
* Using the Database Adapter
* Updating Database properties and server files
* Using the DBAdapterDemo sample application
* Tutorial 1: Using the Database Adapter