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Managed Adapters Guide
Web Service Managed Adapter : Using the Web Service Adapter

Using the Web Service Adapter

As with all our other provided managed adapters, using the Web Service Managed Adapter is a two-stage process. After the Adapter workstep is defined, the adapter is first configured–selecting a particular Web Service that are invoked, and configuring any extra settings that might be needed when invoking the service. In the "Shipping" application example, shown in Figure 20, this step corresponds to selecting the provider for the address verification service and specifying which service must be invoked (it is quite possible that the company provides more than one service).
When the configuration is completed, the adapter inputs and outputs for the particular setting are mapped to dataslots or constants, depending on the particular business process where the adapter is used. For example, the address verification service may have one input, "PostalAddress" and one output, "Status", that is either "true" if the address is valid, or "false" if not. The mapping step involves mapping the "PostalAddress" input to the "ADDRESS" dataslot from the "Shipping" application, and the "Status" output to the "ADDR_VALID" LOGICAL dataslot.
* Configuring the Web Service Adapter