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Managed Adapters Guide
Web Service Managed Adapter : Introducing Web Service Adapter

Introducing Web Service Adapter

The Web Service Adapter allows you to invoke Web services. The adapter can be configured and used in an entirely point-and-click fashion, without having to write any program code.
Figure 20. Web Service Adapter example
A company has automated its order shipping process. Figure 20 displays a portion of the "Shipping" application. After an inventory check, the address of delivery must be validated before the order is packaged and shipped. Another company provides an address verification Web Service.
The "CheckAddress" workstep is handled by the Web Service managed adapter, who generates the SOAP request, sends it to the postal address verification service and receives the response, containing the address status and validated address.
Note: In previous releases, the integration with adapters from the iWay Software Universal Adapter Suite was done through an iWay Managed Adapter that we provided. Currently, iWay Software provides a Web Service layer for interaction with their adapter suites. As a result, we recommend that you access iWay Adapters through the Web Service Managed Adapter. For more information about creating iWay adapters through Web Services, refer to the iWay Software documentation at: