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Managed Adapters Guide
Web Service Managed Adapter : Using the Web Service Adapter : Configuring the Web Service Adapter : Defining the dataslot mapping : Using the Inputs tab
Using the Inputs tab
The Inputs tab includes the list of inputs for the web service.
For the MathService example (see Configuring the Web Service Adapter), the Map Configurator lists the "A" and "B" input parameters in its "Inputs" tab.
From the combo box beside each input parameter, select the dataslot that you want to be associated to the input. In this case, the value for the A input comes from the dataslot X, and the B input receives its value from the dataslot Y. You can also directly enter constant values in the combo box for each input — in this case, the given is used for each invocation of the adapter, and you don’t need to define a separate dataslot for it.