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Managed Adapters Guide
Database Managed Adapter : Working with the Database Adapter : Using the Expert mode

Using the Expert mode

The Database Adapter Configurator provides the Expert mode, which enables you to enter SQL Statements directly.
To switch to Expert mode:
1. From the SQL Statement tab in the Database Adapter Configurator, click Expert mode to open the Confirm prompt.
2. Click Yes to leave the default Wizard mode and enter the Expert mode, and the following SQL Statement dialog box appears, with the Wizard Mode button now enabled.
3. You can manually modify the SQL Statement as required. You can still use variables for column values, but remember to precede the variable name with @. To leave the Expert mode, and return to the default Wizard mode, click the Wizard Mode button.
4. When you have completed entering the statement, click Variables in the Clauses panel to open the Variable Definitions dialog box, where you can automatically define all the variables specified in the statement (if those are not already defined). You must still specify the data type for each variable.
5. You must now define the variable type. Select the variable, click Modify and define the data type in the Variable Editor dialog box as required.
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