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Managed Adapters Guide
Email Managed Adapter : Troubleshooting the Email Adapter

Troubleshooting the Email Adapter

The following issues may occur when you are using the Email Adapter.
*If you suspect the messages are not sent, please wait for a while before trying to debug the problem. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for an e-mail message to make its way through several mail exchanges to the recipient’s mailbox.
*To confirm that the adapter is properly configured, open the Adapter workstep’s Properties view and click the Configure button in the Configuration tab. Make sure that the Configuration tab in the Adapter Configurator includes the correct information. If this has been the problem, you can easily avoid similar mistakes in the future by preconfiguring your mail server information as a default. For more information, see the Preconfiguring the email adapter topic in Progress OpenEdge Business Process Modeler: User's Guide.
*Check for errors in the log messages in the OEBPS_HOME\ebmsapps\ApplicationName\logs\WorkstepName.log file and in OEBPS_HOME\logs\bpserver.log or OEBPS_HOME\logs\bpmwebflow.log.
*You can increase the log-level in the OEBPS_HOME\ebmsapps\ApplicationName\maps\WorkstepName\mapping.prop file. Open the file with a text editor and change the value of the log-level parameter to a higher number (example, up to 20). You have to re-deploy the maps for the process — either using the MapDeployer tool, or redeploying the whole process. For information on the MapDeployer tool, check Deploying maps using MapDeployer
*If your e-mail server requires text in the messages to use LF (Linefeed) as the line separator instead of the default CR+LF (Carriage Return/Linefeed), then you need to set the send.text.lf parameter to true in the Extra Properties field on the Configuration tab of the Email Adapter Configurator.