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Managed Adapters Guide
Understanding the Managed Adapter framework : Using the Adapter Configurator and Map Configurator : Deploying maps using MapDeployer

Deploying maps using MapDeployer

The deployment of the maps is the process of transferring the map files and the associated files to a database repository, where they will be accessible to the RuntimeMapper.
After you complete the mapping, the process is automatically published from Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
However, if needed, you can install the process manually by deploying the maps separately.
To deploy the maps, use the following command:
MapDeployer processTemplateName [ -t processType ]
    [ -d processTemplateDirectory ]
The [-t processType] optional parameter is used to define the type of process in which the adapter will be used. If the adapter will be used in a Web application (formerly a BPM Webflow application), specify [-t BPM Webflow]. Otherwise, you need not specify the parameter.
The [-d processDirectory] optional parameter is used to specify a process directory, if the directory is non-standard. The standard process directories are OEBPS_HOME\ebmsapps\ProcessName or OEBPS_HOME\BPM Webflow\ProcessName.
* Troubleshooting map deployment