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Managed Adapters Guide
Web Service Managed Adapter : Using the Web Service Adapter : Configuring the Web Service Adapter : Reviewing information on WSDL details
Reviewing information on WSDL details
After you enter the WSDL Location, either manually or using the UDDI Browser, in the WSDL: box, click Go to load the WSDL and display information about the services in the "WSDL Detail" area.
In order to illustrate the operation of the adapter configurator, we use the sample "MathService" service, available at the following URL:
Follow the steps to understand a sample service:
1. Enter the MathService URL in the WSDL field.
2. Click Go. The relevant Web Service information is displayed.
In the left panel, MathService has the "Add" arithmetic operations.
3. Click the Add tree node to update the Information tab to show relevant information.
Part of the information, displayed when an operation is selected, is the list of operations inputs and outputs, as well as the data type, associated with each input or output. Once the adapter is configured, those parameters become inputs and outputs to the adapter and can be mapped to dataslots.
* Using the Web Services Adapter Configurator dialog box
* Verifying the Add web service
* Using the Advanced tab
* Dealing with complex data types
* Generating Java classes for Web Service parameters