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Managed Adapters Guide
Introducing Managed Adapters : Basic concepts of Managed Adapters

Basic concepts of Managed Adapters

Figure 1 shows the basic operations of a Managed Adapter.
Figure 1. Managed Adapter basic operations
When a business process reaches a Managed Adapter workstep, it invokes its adapter, which in turn exchanges data with the enterprise application. For each individual enterprise application, a specific adapter is required.
The Managed Adapters we provide act as a translating module that converts the business process-specific protocol to another application-specific protocol. In this usage, a Managed Adapter is a pluggable component that connects your business process to an external system such as a database or ERP system, or performs its own function of data transformation. Part of the functions related to the operation of the Managed Adapters (such as adapter configuration, input/output mapping) are handled by standardized in-house components, simplifying the development process of such adapters.