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Managed Adapters Guide
Web Service Managed Adapter : Using the Web Service Adapter : Configuring the Web Service Adapter : About proxy support
About proxy support
If your web service is using a proxy server, you must add the proxy information:
*as a JVM option, if testing needs to be done, or
*to the EJB server or Portal server if the Web Service managed adapter needs to be executed in a BP Server or a Web application.
For more information on how to add the proxy-related information in the JVM, use Axis documentation at the following URL:
If you are using Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, you must modify the shortcut for starting Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge (with Eclipse as IDE) in order to pass the arguments to the JVM. To do so, list the JVM arguments after a "-vmargs" argument, as shown in the following example:
Note: If the proxy information is added to Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, then the WSDL should be available in the local file system. When loading the WSDL from the filesystem, use the file:/// notation, for example, file:///C:/data/MyService.wsdl.
* Invoking the Web service Managed Adapter using SSL