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Managed Adapters Guide
Web Service Managed Adapter : Using the Web Service Adapter : Configuring the Web Service Adapter : Defining the dataslot mapping : Using the Advanced tab
Using the Advanced tab
The Advanced tab enables you to map the Web Service results at run time to another machine (Target Endpoint), if required. Enter the Target Endpoint Address (that is, the URL address of the WSDL Soap address location) in the Source combo box, or select a dataslot that contains the value of the Target Endpoint Address location.
If you do not know the Target Endpoint Address, you can find it in the service name, WorkflowWSService. The wsdlsoap:address location parameter is shown in bold in the following sample code.
- <wsdl:service name="WorkFlowWSService">
- <wsdl:port binding="impl:BPServer1SoapBinding" name="BPServer1">
    <wsdlsoap:address location="