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Managing your tasks : Getting the Next Available task

Getting the Next Available task

In some special scenarios, the number of available tasks can be large, and the group size can also be very large. Since all the group members see the same list of Available tasks, there could be many conflicts when they try to choose the same task.
To manage such situations, Business Process Portal provides Next Available Task feature. When a group member chooses this option, the next available task from the list of all available tasks is assigned to this user, and removed from the Available Tasks list.
To get the Next Available Task:
1. In the Task List page, click the Next Available Task link.
The task is assigned to you and removed from the Available Tasks list.
The Task Details page is displayed as shown in Figure 15.
Figure 15. Next Available Task Details Page
If you do not want to work on an assigned task, then you must make this task re-available, for that you need to carry out the procedure described in Making tasks re-available.
* Getting Next Available Task of an application