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BPM Events User's Guide
Understanding BPM Events : The event model

The event model

The BPM Events structure is simple, yet flexible enough to handle various notions of events. An event has four attributes: type, date, value and context that represent business data associated with the event. The context attribute is a complex object with attributes that may vary from one event to the other. The following are two examples of event objects:
type: disk_failure
date: 1998/10/15/3/15/45
value: SCSI
type: insurance_claim
date: 1998/10/15
value: Car
    Name: John Doe
    State: California
Note: Make sure the standard attribute names are in lower case.
The composed attribute context is a list of (name, value) pairs, and is used to map business objects associated with the event.
* Attributes
* Event sources