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BPM Events User's Guide
Understanding BPM Events : The event model : Event sources

Event sources

BPM Events can get events from any source—a business process, IT resource monitoring an external notification, or a database. Events notified from external sources are converted into Business Process Server format using dedicated adapters.
Event Adapters typically convert events, messages or plain data from a third-party application or messaging middleware. These adapters can be gateways to other event managers like those used in the monitoring of IT resources (for example, an Enterprise Management System like HP-OpenView or Unicenter Framework), or to other event channels, like CORBA or third-party messaging products like MQSeries or TIB/Rendezvous. You can also design adapters to read database objects or records and convert them in event format.
An event adapter can be a subscriber to the external event source (in which case, it waits for notification) or pulls event data from an event source (for example, Unicenter Event Manager). The event adapter then pushes these events to the Business Process Server event queue in database. BPM Events pulls events from this queue, in a consumer mode, at a speed consistent with its processing.