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BPM Events User's Guide
The rule language : Predefined rule actions : println(): Printing values to a file : Printing values in the bpmevents.output file
Printing values in the bpmevents.output file
The action println() takes a primitive value in argument (String, Int, Float, Boolean) and prints its content in a text file, by default in the BPM Events.ouput file. It prints one line and changes the line automatically for the next call. The general syntax is:
println( <primitive_value> )
For example:
rule abc
activated by EVT_A of BP Server::W_COMPLETED{WORKSTEPNAME : "DoTask",
then {
println("rule activated: abc ");
println("workstep completed:" + EVT_A.WORKSTEPNAME + " performer=" +
Note: println(), when used without explicit file definition, is intended as a development and debugging feature. If you want to collect outputs in a production environment, then use the file version described below, where println is used on an object of type file.
It is also possible to print the content of a composite value like an event, by converting it into a string value, using toString().