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BPM Events User's Guide
The rule language : Predefined rule actions

Predefined rule actions

While the Condition part of a rule consists of detecting some event patterns of interest, the Action part is executing actions that relate to these event patterns. The actions that a rule executes when successfully triggered are specified in the then {...} clause of the rule. The BPM Events rule language provides a set of predefined Actions, which includes:
*generate ()
*perform ()
*sendMail ()
*schedule ()
*unschedule ()
*discard (), discardIndexEntry(), discardAllIndexEntry()
*enableRule ()
*disableRule ()
*Infopad operations
These actions take most of their input from the following three sources:
*The attributes of the events that triggered the rule
*The output of previous action
Each of these predefined rule actions are described in the following sections.
* println(): Printing values to a file
* generate(): Generating internal events
* postDB(): Posting an event into the database event queue
* postJMS(): Posting an event into a JMS queue
* sendMail(): Sending e-mail automatically
* schedule(): Scheduling a future event
* Using the event scheduler
* unschedule(): Removing a scheduled event from the scheduler
* Discarding infopads and events
* Enabling and disabling rules